Mike & Marian Humm moved to the town in 1989 and in 1999 bought the Holywell as a project development. It was only when various passers by pointed at the running water in the public font and said ‘you do know that water’s special’ that the true history began to present itself. They worked hard to restore the building which was largely in disrepair. Since then they have been keen to renovate the font and rest room and to get the bottling works room back into working order – restoring the heritage of the spring and its history in Malvern. The restoration work that started in 2008 has been carried out with funding from the Lottery Heritage Fund.

Now that the original source of bottled water in the UK is fully functioning again, this important piece of British history can be preserved and enjoyed for generations to come.

Rhys Humm

Rhys is the son of Mike & Marian and joined the business at its inception. Following, in Rhys’ words a ‘glamourless’ career in Automotive Logistics, Rhys has worked with his father to develop a fast growth brand ensuring that this world famous water can be enjoyed in a variety of market sectors.