April 1st 2014: Introducing our new product- Dehydrated Water or HDO as we call it…

“In the modern age of trendy diets we have devised through a series of scientific experiments a novel way to support our customer’s needs. By reducing the “2” in the chemical formula H2O to a simple “1” or “H” we have created a far subtler product which really will assist dieters as part of a calorie controlled diet. I fully anticipate full support from Weight Watchers and other major weight loss organisations. We truly believe this will be a ground breaking industry first.”
In a survey, 98% of users felt less full using Holywell Dehydrated (HDO) compared to normal hydrated water and over a period of a month, weight loss was indeed confirmed. Dieting specialist Al Iar commented “so many dieting aids these days are way too extreme whilst others are just gimmicks in a jar. This is by far and away the most exciting and revolutionary weight loss product I’ve ever seen. Taking a natural product and then altering the chemical make up like this is a masterstroke! No wonder they use “holy” in the title- this is a biblically good idea”
HDO is expected to retail at £3.99 a bottle and will be stocked in most Wellbeing stores as well as online.