<div class="heritage"><h4>1558</h4><p>Queen Elizabeth I granted John Hornyold Esq. the spring and it remained in his family until 1919.</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1603 - 1625</h4><p>A 16 verse song about Malvern was written by an unknown author but not published until 1782 by Nash</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1622</h4><p>Bottling is thought to have at started at Holy Well.</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1743</h4><p>Dr John Wall and William Davies analysed Holy Well water.</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1747</h4><p>A cure for gout, Edward Popham of Tewkesbury built a bath at Holy Well replacing the ruined one and shortly after a wooden hut for poorer patients. Dr John Wall, who stated ‘The Malvern Waters is famed for containing just nothing at all.’</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1773</h4><p>A building paid for by subscription was installed over the bath and well.</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1776</h4><p>Dr John Wall dies.</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1782</h4><p>Nash published the song of Malvern in his history of Worcestershire</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1803</h4><p>Barrett notes treatment with drinking of water, lotions and wet sheets at Holy Well.</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1840</h4><p>Miss Mary Steers, through legal action, prevented the owner of Holy Well from privatising the supply ‘’always the public should have free access to the water.’’</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1843</h4><p>The Current building was constructed in the style of Baden-Baden at the cost of £400.</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1850</h4><p>Schweppes leased the rights to bottle water at Holy Well from burrows (who bottled at St Ann’s Well). Schweppes sold Holy Well water at the Great Exhibition in 1851 as Malvern soda water later to become Malvern Seltzer in 1856.</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1892</h4><p>Schweppes left Holy Well for a newly built factory in Colwall.</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1895</h4><p>Henry and John Cuff bottled at Holy Well until the 1960’s mainly producing soft drinks.</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1919</h4><p>Left ownership of Hornyold descendents when sold on behalf of Duke Gandolfi to Cuff.</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1979</h4><p>Owner Mr John Parkes restored Holy Well from a state of ruin and the site gained listed building status.</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1980</h4><p>Mr John Parkes bottled water for some time but it proved not to be financially viable.</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>1999</h4><p>Mr Mike Humm and his wife Marian took ownership of the site.</p></div>
<div class="heritage"><h4>2008</h4><p>The Malvern Heritage Project began works to restore the well and rest rooms and reinstate bottling works. </p></div>