Holywell Chapel featured in The Sunday Times

The recently developed Holywell Chapel was featured in The Sunday Times on the 9th March 2014. The Chapel was once both the inspiration and the practice chamber of Sir Edward Elgar, who lived locally at Craeg Lea. Soon afterwards the chapel was used as the place for daily prayer for the boys at the Wells House School. Closed in 1991, the buildings have been converted into a number of flats and town houses. The chapel was the last remaining plot and was bought by developer Steve Dodds. Steve commissioned local artist Jan Sedlacek to capture the pleasant calm and barely believable views of Holywell Chapel. Jan is in fact the photographer we have used here on our own website! The Holywell spring is actually just over a hundred meters away from Holywell Chapel, thus meaning whoever the new lucky owner is will find themselves right on the doorstep of the original source of Malvern Water.

If someone could characterise the phrase ‘Quintessentially English’ it could look a lot like ‘gazing over Britain’s green and pleasant land whilst relaxing in the sanctuary of Sir Edward Elgar and Malvern Water’