April 1st 2014: Introducing our new product- Dehydrated Water or HDO as we call it…

“In the modern age of trendy diets we have devised through a series of scientific experiments a novel way to support our customer’s needs. By reducing the “2” in the chemical formula H2O to a simple “1” or “H” we have created a far subtler product which really will assist dieters as part of a calorie controlled diet. I fully anticipate full support from Weight Watchers and other major weight loss organisations. We truly believe this will be a ground breaking industry first.”
In a survey, 98% of users felt less full using Holywell Dehydrated (HDO) compared to normal hydrated water and over a period of a month, weight loss was indeed confirmed. Dieting specialist Al Iar commented “so many dieting aids these days are way too extreme whilst others are just gimmicks in a jar. This is by far and away the most exciting and revolutionary weight loss product I’ve ever seen. Taking a natural product and then altering the chemical make up like this is a masterstroke! No wonder they use “holy” in the title- this is a biblically good idea”
HDO is expected to retail at £3.99 a bottle and will be stocked in most Wellbeing stores as well as online.

Holywell Chapel featured in The Sunday Times

The recently developed Holywell Chapel was featured in The Sunday Times on the 9th March 2014. The Chapel was once both the inspiration and the practice chamber of Sir Edward Elgar, who lived locally at Craeg Lea. Soon afterwards the chapel was used as the place for daily prayer for the boys at the Wells House School. Closed in 1991, the buildings have been converted into a number of flats and town houses. The chapel was the last remaining plot and was bought by developer Steve Dodds. Steve commissioned local artist Jan Sedlacek to capture the pleasant calm and barely believable views of Holywell Chapel. Jan is in fact the photographer we have used here on our own website! The Holywell spring is actually just over a hundred meters away from Holywell Chapel, thus meaning whoever the new lucky owner is will find themselves right on the doorstep of the original source of Malvern Water.

If someone could characterise the phrase ‘Quintessentially English’ it could look a lot like ‘gazing over Britain’s green and pleasant land whilst relaxing in the sanctuary of Sir Edward Elgar and Malvern Water’

Strictly Worcestershire

Strictly Come Dancing to come to Worcestershire! With Holywell putting in its own contestant…

Strictly Worcestershire is the county’s own answer to the hit TV show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. Organised by a partner of Andrew Grants Estate Agents, the electric Gerard Smith, Strictly Worcestershire is sourcing ten couples from the business world of Worcestershire in a one night show to raise money for Breast Cancer. Holywell director Rhys Humm and his partner Stacey Redman, from local solicitors firm SME Solicitors, will be among the contestants for the event hosted at the Chateau Impney, Droitwich on the 22nd May. Couples will each have to perform dances to two three minute songs before an elite panel of judges will announce the winners. Tickets for the evening are available from this link.

All proceeds from the evening will be donated to Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign and Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer, with a sum of over £20,000 hoped to be raised from the evening.


MP helps Malvern Water return to Buckingham Palace

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has returned the world-famous Malvern water to Buckingham Palace after presenting four bottles to the Queen.

The MP made the presentation of Malvern Holywell Spring Water to the Queen at a visit to the Palace last month.

Malvern water has been a popular choice in the royal household for centuries and gained its first royal warrant in 1895. The American drinks brand Coca-Cola closed production of Malvern Water in 2010 and the gap in the market was filled by local entrepreneur Mike Humm who bought the Holywell Malvern Spring Water bottling plant and restored it to production in 2008.

Exactly three years after Coca-Cola shelved its world-famous water brand, Harriett returned the popular water to the Palace and received a letter from the Queen thanking her for the gift.

Harriett said: “I know that Malvern water has been a popular choice in the royal household for centuries so I wanted to make sure Her Majesty got the chance to sample the original offering from our springs.

“I was invited to the Palace for a Parliamentary reception so I took the opportunity to mention Malvern Water to the Queen and to the Duke of Edinburgh, who both remember it fondly.

“I was also able to thank them for allowing the Royal designation at the Malvern Three Counties Show.”


#koalamystery solved!

Following a campaign over social and written media we appear to have uncovered the roots behind the #koalamystery.

It all started when John Redman from Malvern’s St Ann’s Well presented Holywell Malvern Spring Water Director Rhys Humm with a bottle that had washed up following a recent downpour. Found at the back off St Ann’s Well, the bottle was embossed along the base with ‘Holy Well Spring (Malvern) Ltd but also mysteriously included, two thirds of the way up, an embossed koala bear! With many details of the Holywell spring’s history dating back to 1558, the koala was a patch of the rich tapestry that had been previously out of view to the current custodians and potentially lost to the depths of time forever.


#koalamystery! Calling all amateur super-sleuths- help us unravel this mystery!!

Our friends from St Anne’s Well on the slopes of the Malvern Hills found an old glass bottle on the hillside behind them- it has Holywell Spring (Malvern) Ltd embossed on the base- but also what appears to be a koala embossed on the top of the bottle too! We don’t know why the koala was put there, what the link with Malvern Water is- it’s a total #koalamystery to us!! Can you help us unravel this unusual mystery? Any thoughts please comment on the Facebook page or email info@holywellmalvernspringwater.co.uk

Holywell Malvern Spring Water quoted in The Sunday Times & Wall Street Journal

Holywell Malvern Spring Water quoted in The Sunday Times & Wall Street Journal

Mark Carney’s decision to hold interest rates until the unemployment rate decreases saw national newspapers The Sunday Times and Wall Street Journal contact The Holywell Water Company to seek out opinions. Both quoted Holywell Malvern Director Rhys Humm, who welcomed the decision for the value it could have in investing in new productions lines for the business.

If you have a Times subscription the full article can be seen here

with the Wall Street Journal piece please click on this link

Coke beaten in Malvern Water battle

Daily Telegraph confirms Malvern Water status

Holywell Malvern Spring Water hit the national headlines via the Daily Telegraph on 12th May with the imposing headline “Coke beaten in Malvern Water battle”.