The Water

Filtered through the densest rock in the country, popular through many generations of the Royal Family, Holywell Malvern Spring Water is famed for containing ‘just nothing at all’.


Some waters are filtered through volcanic rock and consequently have a bitter after taste. Some are treated via limestone and left sweet. Holywell Malvern Spring Water is stripped clear of all mineral and impurity by the sheer density of the granite through which it arrives, making it one of the most naturally pure waters on the market.

The Bottle

Inspired to compliment the wine on the table, our bottles are sourced through sustainable British suppliers and designed to reflect the strong British themes so associated with Malvern Water.

The Story

Mike and Rhys Humm restarted the bottling works at the Holywell Spring in 2009 as an Agincourt Salute to Coca-Cola: we didn’t feel they were doing the best possible service to the Queen’s favourite water, so set about bottling it in a fashion which befits the quality and history which surrounds Malvern Water. Following Coca-Cola’s decision to withdraw from Malvern Water in 2010, what began as a passion now became a responsibility in ensuring Malvern’s Water sustainability and availability for generations to come.