The pre-Cambrian granite which forms the Malvern Hills is the oldest and by definition the hardest rock in the UK. Over 200 million years ago, when the world took the form of Pangea, the rock that now shapes the Malvern Hills sat just North of the Equator.


Whereas the majority of mineral waters have a high mineral content- volcanic rock leads to high sodium and bitterness, limestone to sweetness- the sheer density of the Malvern Hills acts as Nature’s great big purifier, stripping away minerals and other impurities. Malvern Water is famed for containing ‘just nothing at all’


In the past fifteen years many farmers have been encouraged to diversify their land- finding a wet field has led them to bottle water regardless of the quality. The Holywell Spring in the Malvern Hills is the original source of bottled water in the UK. In 1622 the monks at Great Malvern Priory captured the water for the benefit of the town’s elderly and infirm. For centuries afterwards water was bottled at the site and distributed locally until, in 1843, Mr Schweppes came to town and really commercialised Malvern Water at the Holywell Spring. It was during this period of time that Queen Victoria happened upon Malvern Water at the Great Exhibition, thus ensuring it has been a favourite with the British Royal Family ever since. 

Photograph by Jan Sedlacek -